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Nice to meet you, we are Beautiful Secrets Day Spa and Skincare Clinic`s

Advanced Level 4 Skincare Experts.







Sarah & Emma

(Level 4 Skincare Experts)

We love making our clients dreams come true. From smooth foreheads to an instant eye lift.

One of our most rewarding aspects is the confident boost our clients experience when leaving our treatment room.

 We are truly passionate about the science behind our skin. Witnessing a product we`ve meticulously chosen, or a treatment we`ve carefully tailored, to deliver visible results is incredibly validating. It confirms that our knowledge and expertise are making a real difference. 

With over 15 years  professional experience between us, we know how to achieve our clients best skin. 

From that wedding glow to a more serious skin concern, we have the solution.  

We do not compromise on quality and only use brands, products and machines we personally love and trust to deliver the best possible outcomes. 

We cannot wait to meet you and look forward to working with you. 

Contact us now for your free consultation or further information. 


"There is a big difference from a skincare advanced expert to a beauty therapist that is trained to perform a facial treatment"

(Unknow Author)

Our before and after pictures below are all from within the salon. 

We have personally achieved all below results with our own clients. 

Using a combination of our knowledge and advance technology we are so delighted to be able to give our clients the results their looking for and deserve.


About Us

Skin Transformation Before & After

tanya before and after.jpeg

This client was concerned with aging and deep visible lines. They had been using collagen homecare products, SPF every day in their make up products and taking collagen powder. They had no previous regular professional treatments before.

Solution : We began the process of using our state of the art skin and appearance analysis. The first thing we noticed was the lack of collagen and elastin present within the skin. As we age, UV damage and free radicals  over time breaks down the elastin fibres within the skin. This causes the skin`s non ability to bounce back as it once did. 

We devised a solution of COMCIT (Micro needling, Oxygen, LED) treatments, plasma treatment and suitable effective homecare routine. The top picture is 56 days into the programme and bottom is at the beginning.

Skin Myths

Collagen Skincare products/creams put collagen back into the skin.

This is untrue, a collagen particle physically cannot penetrate the skin barrier, it is far to large. To produce collagen, restoration treatments have proven a very effective method. This as well as preventative ways to protect the elastin fibres breaking down. Is the two pronged method which has proven very effective for our clients. 

belly before and after_edited.jpg

This client after pregnancy had been left with lose skin area her navel area. After being advised to try to lose weight and that not working she was advised her only option was a surgical procure called a tummy tuck. 

Solution: Due to the nature of the area and amount of lose skin, it was advised a few treatments may be needed. Plasma Fibroblast Therapy was the only option here to really lift and tighten the skin area. The process breaks down proteins in the skin and creates a tissue regeneration by stimulating the fibroblast in the skin to tighten. The procedure results depend on your skin condition, health condition and how quickly your skin heals after the procedure. 

Skin Myth

Losing weight can get rid of lose skin.

In some cases, losing weight may help the skin retract on its own. This is more so in small areas that has been effected. 

emma chin_edited.jpg

This client has been struggling with her skin for some time now. She was using high street homecare that she picked up when she could. She was having professional treatments but not regularly.  She wanted to clear her skin and get her confidence back with clear skin. 


Solution: We placed this client on a break out solution, she had prescribed homecare and scheduled in regular professional treatments. The before and after pictures are only 28 days apart. We are on the road to recovery with a two prone approach we are very excited to see the end results for this client, in the not to near future. 

Skin Myth 

Breakouts cannot be cleared without medication. 

This is not always the case, medication should not always be the first point of call. Sometimes a few simple changes and continuity is all it takes. 

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