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Skin Masterclasses

New for 2024. This year the salon will be holding small skin master classes on selective dates. These classes will last approx. 60 minutes and are a great interactive workshop to really get to know your skincare products.

This will give individuals a chance to really understand their skincare and the high difference between drugstore and professional skincare products.

  • How does it work ?

  • How much to use ? 

  • What should I use for my skin ? 

  • How can I get the best from my product ?      

All will be answered in our classes.  As well as time saving tips, deep cleansing and mixing up a power blend. Refreshments included.

T&C`s Apply.

The art of cleansing :  Friday the 1st of March @ 6.30pm   LIMITED AVAVIBILTY 

Power up serums : Thursday the 4th of April @ 6.30pm 

Moisturizers & SPF`s : Saturday the 4th of May @ 3pm & Saturday the 1st of June at 3pm

Toners & Masks : Wednesday the 3rd of July @ 4pm 

All about the eyes : Wednesday the 7th of August @ 4pm 

Exfoliation : Thursday the 5th of September @ 6.30pm 

The art of cleansing : Friday the 11th of October @ 6 .30pm

Night-time care : Thursday the 28th of November @ 6.30pm 

Clear Start Teen Range : Saturday the 7th of December @ 1pm 

Menopausal Skin : Saturday the 14th of December @ 3pm

No events at the moment
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